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Darryl Holter and The Shammas Group, The Power of a Coalition
Bridging Communities through Public and Private Partnerships


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Darryl Holter, Shammas Group CEO, chair of the Figueroa Corridor Partnership, joined together with leaders from the Staples Center, the Convention Center, and the Community Redevelopment Agency.
darryl holter shammasgroup

Darryl Holter Shammas Group CEO

In November of 2006, California voters approved $42 billion in Infrastructure bonds. Holter's group’s charge was to apply for some of the bond’s infrastructure funds, then use them to create a pedestrian-oriented streetscape with green space, new sidewalk paving, new landscaping, a uniquely designed bus line and the new potential for transit type housing developments including subsidized housing.

It was the first time that a business improvement district had joined with a municipality to undertake a project funded by bond money. It's another example of creative public-private partnerships.

At the core of the group’s big proposal, called “Figueroa Corridor: Connecting
Communities,” was the idea that Figueroa serves as an important connection between the economic engine of Downtown LA and the communities of South Los Angeles. One of proposal’s most ambitious aspects was a brand new feasibility study for a “freeway park, covering the area from 23rd Street to Adams, from Figueroa to Flower.

“There had to be an alteration in the state law to allow business improvement districts to apply alongside with municipalities for this infrastructure funding,” - Darryl Holter.

The proposal survived the rigorous selection process. “The project is moving forward, if slowly”, says Holter. Darryl Holter advocates a reoriented DASH transit route that is more visible throughout the corridor, better signage, more trees, green space, bike paths, and pedestrian-friendly development near the upcoming light rail stations –.

“It was the first time as far as we know that a business improvement district had joined with a municipality to undertake a project funded by bond money,” - Darryl Holter

“We think it’s really interesting precedent. It’s another example of creative public-private partnerships. We might see more of these projects in the future”

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Cat Conserving Neon
Darryl Holter's Felix Chevrolet Launches $1.8 Million Plan to Bring the Neon Cat Energy Costs Down

Friday, February 18, 2011 | Category: Shammas Group. Felix Chevrolet

Darryl Holter and officials with Felix Chevrolet, a 90-year-old facility announced plans yesterday to go green with a $1.8 million 3 year project to reduce energy costs.

“The electrical bills are very high,” said Darryl Holter, the dealership’s CEO, during a press conference. “Like all business people, we can look at a realistic strategy for the long-term reductions.”

The 64,000 square foot dealership spends more than $200,000 a year on energy related costs. The company employed Alpine Green Solutions to give it its energy efficient green makeover.

Robert Orfino, founder of Alpine, said that by installing cost-effective measures around Felix’s premises, the famous car lot’s energy bills could go down by 60 to 70%.

Felix Chevrolet plans to become the first auto dealership in California to earn Zero Net Energy status, so its on-site renewable energy equals the amount of energy used in the building.

Orfino pointed out areas that could use improvement like painting white reflective paint on the ceilings and roofs so that light doesn’t get absorbed, brining in and installing updated HVAC duct systems and plumbing, improving the lot’s fluorescent lighting, putting in smart strips around the lot and giving informational lessons to emplyees so that they’ll update their behavior when it comes to conserving energy. Orfino hopes to eventually switch the company’s energy supply to solar energy within 2 years’ time.

Orfino thinks that Felix Chevrolet will save up to $1.5 million over ten years. With federal and city incentives, the out of pocket cost for the dealership will be $300,000.

“At the end of the day we’re really trying to make them more profitable,” said Orfino. “That certainly drives everything.”

- Special Thanks to Los Angeles Downtown News.

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