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How a Community College Can Impact a Community


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The Los Angeles Trade Tech College – located in the Figueroa Corridor – has an absolutely unique role in the city’s economy. “A lot of people don’t understand it,” Holter says. “They think of community colleges as feeders for the four-year colleges. But Trade Tech has a unique economic mission that had to with technology and learning skills and trades. It’s very different.”

Instead of steering people toward universities like USC or UCLA, Trade Tech prepares people to enter the work force immediately. It’s the fastest growing community college in the nation, but as a consequence, its programs and courses are bursting at the seams.
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Darryl Holter Shammas Group CEO

Initially, Darryl Holter began a relationship with the college because of its automotive department. He worked with faculty to develop student career ladders. “These ladders are important, “ Darryl Holter says, “I’ve got foreman and technicians that have come out of Trade Tech and go on to make $100,000 or more as highly skilled automotive technicians. You don’t need a four-year degree. All you need to do is want to work hard, work smart, and get the job done, and you make a very good career of it.”

Six months ago, Darryl Holter agreed to head the college’s Foundation. “We have a goal of raising one million dollars in 2010, and we’ve already raised about $240,000, so we’re on our way to reaching and breaking our goal. Plus, there are new buildings being built on campus with the new bond initiative money. It’s really coming along quite well. This college is an absolute treasure, but it’s been under the radar screen far too long. The college is very important for the economic future of L.A..”

"You don't need a four-year degree. All you need to do is want to work hard, work smart, and get the job done and you can make a very good career from an education at Trade Tech College." - Darryl Holter, Shammas Group Los Angeles

About Darryl Holter
Shammas Group CEO

Darryl Holter is the CEO of the Shammas Group. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and received a BA and MA from the University of Minnesota. He completed a Ph.D. in History from the University of Wisconsin. He has worked as academic, a specialist in industrial relations, and since 1995 as CEO of the Shammas Group.

In 1998 Holter was the Founding Chair of the Figueroa Corridor Partnership, a business improvement district formed in the Figueroa Corridor district south of Downtown Los Angeles. He also serves as Chairman of the California New Car Dealers Association.

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